We are devotees of all things beauty, nutrition, and wellness related.  Here we will share what we think is the best in nutritional research,  superfood supplements, fitness tips, meditation, and what the health gurus say about all of it. We are here to sift through the misinformation to deliver what is necessary for true beauty and wellness, from within.



  For many of us our first contact with silica comes in the form of a little non-descript white packet typically found in a shoebox or in a vitamin bottle. It comes with the warning “do not eat” or "harmful if swallowed" and has the dual purpose of both alarming and...


  The familiar mantras just don't seem to go away: drinking tea is good for you. Regular exercise and sleep are good for you. A plant-based diet that includes healthy fats is good for you. We know all these things and yet no one has yet to come forward and explain-...


Once upon a time fat and cholesterol were public enemy number one.  Salads were periodically left ‘undressed’ or disrespected with a low fat variety. Popcorn was purposefully unbuttered or replaced with something nature never intended. Eggs were a food that you could...

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