We are devotees of all things beauty, nutrition, and wellness related.  Here we will share what we think is the best in nutritional research,  superfood supplements, fitness tips, meditation, and what the health gurus say about all of it. We are here to sift through the misinformation to deliver what is necessary for true beauty and wellness, from within.


Colorless, odorless and tasteless, Hydrogen is undetectable by the human senses....and yet it is everywhere. It is the first and most abundant element on the periodic table: over 75% of the mass in the universe consists of hydrogen. It is found in our sun and our...

MINDFUL drinking 101

Alcohol… we love it, we hate it. It makes us happy in the moment but a little worse for wear the next day. Some say that it is a harmless social lubricant acceptable in moderation while others maintain that its toxic effects just aren’t worth it. And yet, what about...


We all have seen the square glass bottle with the iconic black and white label. Yes, today Chanel No.5 continues to be the world’s best selling perfume with a bottle purchased every 30 seconds. Marilyn famously wore it to bed- with nothing else. When Gabrielle “Coco”...

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